TV Club: Friends From College gets funnier as it ponders how to be good

If romantic life partners are supposed to make each other better people, where does that leave non-romantic lifelong friends? They might do some of that on the side, but really, after a certain amount of time and exposure, they’re the people who accept each other’s limitations or even downright shittiness. But when does acceptance turn into enabling? How do two people who have been friends for so long tell when they’re good people with weaknesses, or just plain bad?

This question is tricky enough, but Friends From College‘s Ethan and Sam are in the even more uncomfortable position of being lifelong friends who are also in a sexual relationship. In Sam’s car on the way back from an aborted tryst at her Connecticut country house, after they’ve accidentally killed their friend Marianne’s pet bunny, they’re forced to confront what they’ve done …

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