TV Club: Friends From College doesn’t know how to say goodbye, but says it anyway because it’s the season finale

So we reach the end of the line for Season 1 of Friends From College, a cringe-comedy soap disguised as a bold experiment in unlikable but fascinating characters. Though I’ve communicated my displeasure of the soapier elements of the show – particularly its late-season tendency to ascribe any and all character motivation to sublimated romantic feelings that themselves are mostly unexplained – I haven’t really thought of it as a comic soap before, and maybe I’ve been failing to accept it on its own terms.

After all, “A Night Of Surprises” puts its intent to produce revelations right there in the title, and is so eager to get to these revelations that it contrives a situation that manages to somehow feel like something the show has already done in its previous seven episodes. For Sam’s 40th birthday, her husband throws her a lavish dinner party at their house …

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