TV Club: Fresh Off The Boat: “Very Superstitious”

Whenever I tell people that Fresh Off The Boat tends to delve into broadness and unoriginality during its weaker episodes, they often say something like “What do you expect? It’s an ABC sitcom.” But I refuse to give the show a pass for that. ABC sitcom or not, the series has proved it can draw effective humor from character development and long-form story arcs rather than solely from pop-culture references and over-the-top stereotypes. Tonight’s episode was proof of such strengths, with almost every joke stemming from something we’ve come to know about the Huangs and their place in the Orlando community.

Much of the comedy also comes from the main storyline being centered around—or at least ignited by—Jessica. Things are going well at the real-estate office, with her having managed to sell the supposedly haunted Allen house. “No one ever goes in. No one ever …

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