TV Club: Fresh Off The Boat: “Showdown At The Golden Saddle”

Many immigrants’ introduction to America (or any place, really) comes in the form of pop culture—they often see a Hollywood blockbuster or hear a top-40 hit before ever stepping foot in the country itself. And that’s a beautiful thing. Film, television, music, and books all have the power to shape our worldview, and while we don’t always analyze why we like the entertainment we do, we’re drawn to certain types of high and low art for very specific reasons.

I’m glad that “Showdown At The Golden Saddle” doesn’t shy away from this. I’ve always wanted to see young Eddie’s love of hip-hop further explored, and tonight, it finally became justified in a way that didn’t feel forced or overly expository. Following a disastrous “date” with Nicole that’s actually a babysitting session while their parents were out together, Ice Cube’s …

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