TV Club: Fresh Off The Boat returns with a lukewarm start to Year Of The Rat

It’s February, and we all know what that means: President’s Day has finally arrived! Oh, and also the Chinese New Yea– a coincidence which gets reiterated again and again throughout Fresh Off The Boat’s first episode back from hiatus. It may be a case of holiday episode fatigue, but tonight’s “Year Of The Rat” feels uncharacteristically lackluster for the usually stellar sitcom.

The episode hits all of Fresh Off The Boat’s usual marks: As a family show, there’s a comfortably familiar “Dad effs up something important” storyline and a by-the-book “friends come together to show family they care” one. On the cultural end, we see the bad and good–and then sort of bad again – sides of White People’s cultural tourism, as the Huangs attend a disastrous, Floridean AAAOO (“like ‘The Fonz’”) event, then a meticulously well-planned one at Cattleman’s Ranch–at …

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