TV Club: Fresh Off The Boat: “License To Sell”

A lot of viewers have been bothered by Fresh Off The Boat‘s portrayal of Eddie hitting on Nicole, viewing it as creepy and encouraging of objectification. I’ve never interpreted it as either of those things, mainly because Nicole has always seen right through Eddie’s bullshit. His antics and faux gangsterisms never fail to come off as boneheaded, which leads to me laughing at him and not with him. And the one time we did see the two youngsters actually connect was over love for an Ice Cube album, a final cap to “Showdown At The Golden Saddle” that felt subtle, real, and more than earned.

Tonight, unfortunately, their relationship finally started to bug me, as, for some reason, Eddie’s act actually works in “License To Sell”. After purposely landing himself in detention to get closer to Nicole, he continues his thuggish posturing—I really can’t …

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