TV Club: Fresh Off The Boat gets its obligatory awkward musician cameo out of the way

Ah, the awkward musician cameo on a network sitcom. It was only a matter of time before Fresh Off The Boat went there. Unfortunately, from the moment Eddie arrives at the door of DMX’s McMansion, the gruff rapper, like so many guest-star musicians before him, serves as a little more than a distraction.

At least the show gets his and Eddie’s dynamic right. DMX has enough acting experience to sell the idea of him giving dating advice to Eddie, using the plants in his greenhouse (a legal greenhouse, ahem) as a metaphor for the virtues of care and patience when it comes to new romance. Eddie later uses one of these plants as a birthday gift for Alison, which she ends up loving much more than the expensive necklace he was originally planning to get her.

I don’t necessarily mind Eddie bonding with a celebrity. After all …

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