TV Club: Fresh Off The Boat: “Blind Spot”

Fresh Off The Boat has never been especially nuanced in its portrayal of gay characters. The gay police officer from “Success Perm” was into Miyadas, the gay couple Jessica sold a house to in “Fajita Man” were effeminate and wore bright colors, and every last gay character we meet in tonight’s episode is anchored by some sort of stereotype—Jessica’s college boyfriend Oscar Chow loves Disney showtunes, a gaggle of gay men strut around in biker gear on the street, and a lesbian bar is packed exclusively with butch women eagerly looking for a fight.

While these stereotypes, like all stereotypes, spring from some sort of truth, it becomes an issue when they’re the only tool being used to portray a particular group. Yes, there are lots of gay men who are effeminate, wear bright colors, and love showtunes. But there are lots of them who don …

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