TV Club: Frequency uses the future to solve crimes in the past

Between the Cubs-Dodgers game and the final presidential debate, I’m probably the only person in America who watched Frequency tonight outside of Peyton List’s mom. Still, let’s plow ahead, maybe you guys will catch up on Tivo or something later?

As Raimy’s butterfly effects kick in, the cool part of Frequency is how the present changes right as she’s watching. Sure, it’s awfully convenient that she’s staring at the computer screen just as Maya’s status changes to “rescued,” or that Goff disappears just as she’s about to do him in. It’s also dramatically satisfying.

Unfortunately, despite Raimy’s veracity to catch Goff, it was pretty clear that he wasn’t going to turn out to be the Nightingale murderer. (So why was his DNA on all of those samples? He was another very prolific serial killer?) That undercuts the dramatic …

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