TV Club: Frequency smartly plays up its dualities in “Break, Break, Break”

The whole premise of Frequency is cloaked in duality: the parallel lives of Raimy and Frank and how those two lives affect each other, 20 years apart. This oddly titled episode deftly piles on pair after pair, so that the differences across decades, or just across town, are even more pronounced.

It starts with Mekhi Phifer, who really does look like he’s jumped into a time machine, as he cheers in a bright and vibrant bar in 1996 when Frank prevents Amanda’s abduction, then leaps to a dusty, depressing bar 20 years later, after her murder. For Satch, 30 years of tracking the same serial killer has definitely taken its toll, as he goes back to his house that no longer holds the happy family it once did. Like Frank, like Raimy, he chose the job over his family.

It’s such an interesting premise, that life/work …

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