TV Club: Frequency moves closer to the Nightingale killer in an effective episode

This episode of Frequency was supposed to run next week (episode five) instead of this week (episode four). It looks like next week’s episode will focus on Frank’s dirty cop corruption case, which is much less intriguing than the Nightingale case. So it appears that the show switched things around to try to draw more new viewers in with a more compelling episode, rather than lose them with a stab at taking down Frank’s old boss. In that, it succeeds admirably.

Because Frequency is interestingly a serial more than a procedural, you really have to wonder just how things are going to progress from week to week. This was a great plot choice: Following up with the daughter of another Nightingale victim, offering parallels between the dad-daughter dyads, and even grown-up Raimy and Ava and how their mothers’ deaths affected where they are in adulthood. It was …

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