TV Club: Frequency loses momentum by juggling a few too many timelines

Okay, I’ve been up all night with the Cubs, so maybe it’s the sleep depravation talking, but I keep watching this episode and I’m having an awfully hard time tracking the four (four!) separate timelines: Present day, 1996, 2008 with Frank, and 2008 without Frank. It’s a lot. Even for non-baseball fans, it’s too much.

The convoluted nature of this episode makes it clear why Frequency swapped out this episode for last week’s Nightingale victim paralleling Raimy and her mother. Here the twin murder scenes are certainly compelling, as they’re almost identical, eight years apart. Raimy is paralleling herself, in a lot of ways, but unfortunately so many elements just don’t add up.

First up, if Stan is still the corrupt bad cop, how is Frank still just walking around in 2008, or 1996, for that matter? Obviously he has a lot …

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