TV Club: Frequency kicks off a time-travel show with actual consequences

Many of the critiques of the new show Frequency appear to stem from the fact that it is based on a 2000 Dennis Quaid movie that no one seems to remember. Full disclosure: I have not seen this movie. But I have seen a multitude of time-travel series this fall (well, two at least: Timeless and The Flash) and Frequency’s time-travel ramifications intrigue me more than any other. Maybe the new Frequency just used that film as a springboard, and then took off with that premise.

Granted, there’s a giant leap of faith: The leap that a bolt of lightning would somehow reunite a 2016 daughter with her 1996 father through a ham radio. Similar to the leaps of faith that involve Timeless’ two time machines, or The Flash’s superhero abilities (also granted through lightning), or Sam’s abilities to Quantum Leap inside of people. Hey, we …

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