TV Club: Freddie Highmore shines behind and in front of the camera on Bates Motel

Raise your glasses to Charles Hogan, a.k.a. Chick. He deserved better—well, at least a little better—than the undignified death he was bequeathed by Alex Romero. There’s something especially piteous about seeing a man cut down in the throes of his passion, carried away by the inspiration he found in the tragedy of Romero’s situation. Had Chick only remained calm and quiet—if he hadn’t pushed this already dangerous and emotionally broken man with his braying, triumphant recognition of the pain he saw all over the former sheriff’s face, he might have survived the encounter. Then again, maybe not. Romero has one mission left on earth, and anyone who threatens it isn’t going to wind up surviving the encounter.

“The Body” serves to encapsulate some of the key conflicts that have driven the last couple seasons of the show, and this last-act …

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