TV Club: Frank wins and loses as F Is For Family ends as it has to

In the end, what Frank Murphy learns from his months of familial and workplace turmoil is completely predictable, considering the world that F Is For Family creators Bill Burr and Michael Price have set forth. Over the course of this six-episode season, Frank’s been the center of an often wrenching, always crude, surprisingly thoughtful story about a man and a family in a mess no less maddening for how commonplace it is. If there’s a core to Burr’s comic point-of-view as presented through F Is For Family, it’s that Frank’s screwed, his family’s screwed, but at least they have each other—and they don’t really want each other, either.

There was no way Frank was going to come out on top at work. Here, his appeal to both Mohican Airways’ management and union workers to put aside their differences and come together like …

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