TV Club: Frank institutes F Is For Family “take your sullen son to work day”

With only six episodes to play with in its first season, it’s wise that F Is For Family isn’t wasting any time in introducing its characters’ individual problems and issues. Instead of easing into Frank Murphy’s barely suppressed rage at his lot, or wife Sue’s better-hidden depression about hers, or the Murphy kids’ various growing pains and fears, the series dives right in in “Saturday Bloody Saturday.” By the end of this second episode, we’ve got a fuller picture of how Frank’s job joins with his family pressures to keep him perpetually on the boil, how Sue’s traditional placater role hides an equally desperate dissatisfaction (that no amount of off-brand Tupperware can alleviate), how Kevin’s grunting rebelliousness covers a lot of pain and a decent heart, and how Bill and Maureen’s rambunctiousness doesn’t preclude the youngest Murphys from being aware …

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