TV Club: Frank confronts Annalise in life-or-death How To Get Away With Murder reunion

The final minutes of tonight’s How To Get Away With Murder are likely to replay in my head over and over for the coming weeks.

At long last, Annalise and Frank reunite. He comes to her in shame, in disgust, begging for forgiveness but also knowing that she has none to give. He brings a gun to his throat, insisting that he wants to fix it, that he can, at last, fix it. Annalise wants him to do it. As she’s urging him to take his own life, Bonnie slides into the frame, appearing from nowhere just in the nick of time, but watching it in the moment, there is no time to think about How To Get Away With Murder‘s frequent bending of temporality and reality. And it doesn’t matter in that moment either, because the scene is so powerful in its staging and the …

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