TV Club: Frank and Sue finally tell some painful truths on F Is For Family

“When you dig for oil, sometimes you hit a sewer pipe!”

When Frank and Sue finally have it out, F Is For Family shows the limits of catharsis. At the couples’ retreat, Frank finally does what Sue claims she wants him to do. Frank Murphy spills his guts, telling Sue that the loss of his job and Sue’s growing success at hers has forced all the patriarchal shit he was brought up believing right into his mind, and out of his mouth. Shifting through mockery to anger to eyes-averted confession, Frank lets Sue have the truth in stages, finally admitting to her that losing his traditional role as head of the family has left him humiliated and bitter, even to the extent that he’s found himself wishing for Sue to fail. Somberly calling Sue’s Salad Tosser brainstorm “brilliant,” he tells her, “I guess it bugs me that …

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