TV Club: Fortitude: “Episode 1”

If people have heard anything about Pivot’s first foray into drama, Fortitude (which seems unlikely given how few people know about the channel’s existence), the knowledge almost certainly revolves around any number of facts, easily gleaned from advance reviews of the show. It stars Stanley Tucci! The setting is very snowy! There are polar bears! It’s kind of like Twin Peaks! Or Fargo! Or Lost! And while all of those facts are completely accurate, they also don’t come anywhere near doing the series justice, for as similar on the surface as Fortitude may be to anything that came before, buried deep down is something entirely unique.

Television is never without its depictions of small town life, be they realistic (like Rectify), satirical (like Fargo), or storybook fantastical (like Gilmore Girls), but Fortitude‘s take on life in a tiny burg is decidedly different. Part of that …

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