TV Club: Forget the explanation and embrace the emotion of The Returned’s season finale

It became apparent at the midpoint of season two: With the revenants still in hiding and the living in various states of distress, it was suddenly very, very important to the characters of The Returned that they not be left alone. The sentiment is all over “Virgil”, and the notion of isolation as the ultimate level of hell only intensified as the final episodes rolled out. Milan got a watery form of solitary confinement. Julie found herself living by herself in an abandoned hospital wing. Victor had a nightmare of being alone on the seashore, his guardian angel tending to someone else. Pierre was the last living member of The Circle; The Circle’s actions left several children orphaned.

Loneliness is the scariest monster under The Returned‘s bed, and it’s also a fundamental component of the show’s grieving process. To survive is to be left alone. The …

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