TV Club: For its second episode, Crisis In Six Scenes shows Woody Allen’s age

Woody Allen has always been old. OK, this isn’t literally true; he was born in 1935, so obviously he had a childhood and a young-adulthood and all that. But in terms of his filmmaking career, Allen’s first movie came out when he was 31. When he was making his much-vaunted early/funny films, around the time that his current series Crisis In Six Scenes takes place, he was in his thirties. By the time he settled into his movie-a-year pace that included comedies and dramas and plenty of material movies in between (or, later in his career, a diffident sort of neither), he was well into his forties. That’s part of what makes his career productivity so impressive; not only has he made a movie a year for about forty years, he wasn’t really doing that as a heedless young man.

Allen’s on-screen appearances have …

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