TV Club: Flesh And Bone makes poop on the pillow the new horse’s head in the bed

“MIA” is an episode that has it all: leopards with diamond collars, not-strip-club types with savior complexes, teen Russian sex slaves, lilies as a symbol of blackmail, and rentboys who shit on pillows. That’s a lot. But it’s not particularly cohesive in any way, nor does it all feel tonally at peace with itself. For real, there was a leopard casually walking around a party who is wearing a diamond collar. What world does this show exist in?

In its own weird way, “MIA” was about how we can really never know our partners, and how they will eventually let us down. Cameron — the savior has a name! — desperately wants to know more about the girl he knows only as Angel, something he communicates in an increasingly cheesy exchange. “That’s what I want to be, loved enough to become real,” Claire tells Cameron, while only revealing that …

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