TV Club: Flesh And Bone finally gets onstage in an overstuffed “Full Dress”

So maybe I was premature in wishing Flesh And Bone was a show mostly about ballet because that’s what “Full Dress” was, or at least tried to be more than any other episode. But it succeeded in being just as unengaging as previous episodes while exposing nearly every crack this show has experienced in its short run. There is so much going on that and rather than care about all the moving parts, I don’t care about any of it. Several seasons worth of plot has been jam-packed into seven short episodes and none of it coalesces.

Let’s take the Jessica storyline. Here’s a woman who I have no idea why I should be worried about her or her finances. She’s been embezzling money from the company and hoping that her deadbeat husband will come through in the clutch. He doesn’t considering his $35 …

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