TV Club: Fiona’s family meeting is a reckoning for Shameless

As viewers, considering the future of a television series is an abstraction. We have watched dozens if not hundreds of shows play out storylines, and that literacy is something we use in interpreting a show like Shameless. As new stories are introduced, we think ahead to where we expect them to go, acutely aware that we are watching a TV show, and that certain outcomes are likelier than others.

It’s part of why it can be challenging to “put yourself in the shoes” of a TV character, particularly if you don’t have context for what they’re going through, left with mostly TV logic to fall back on. As someone who grew up in a comfortably middle class household, I can’t watch a show like Shameless and fully comprehend the way Fiona Gallagher understands her future. Executive producer Nancy M. Pimental said in my interview with her …

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