TV Club: Finn and Fern face off in an Adventure Time that ends in tragedy

Jealousy within circles of friends is a common occurrence, and it’s hard not to judge yourself against the accomplishments of a person with whom you share a strong personal connection. You can probably think of that friend who always gets better grades that you, or makes more money than you, or is always doing cool, exciting things that you only experience through their social media feed. (If you can’t, you are probably that friend.) When that jealousy bubbles up, you have two options: Accept that the value of that friendship outweighs the envy and continue a positive relationship, or succumb to resentment and push that person away. Under the influence of the grass demon wrapped around his soul, Fern takes the latter option in “Three Buckets,” but in his case, he’s pushing his friend away so he can take his place and live the satisfying life that …

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