TV Club: Finding Carter: “Wake Up Call”

An interesting, surprising phenomenon takes shape in “Wake Up Call,” at first imperceptibly, but then all at once: It starts to resemble the auspicious show Finding Carter was in its first season. The first third of season two has been more than disappointing due to the continued involvement of Crash and the outsize presence of Lori, and early on, “Wake Up Call” appears to be plagued by the same problems.

The fallout continues following Carter’s latest run-in with Lori, and Crash is still hanging around being all reformed and adorable. Meanwhile, the dust is still settling after some pretty significant character reshuffling. Max and Bird are trying to make their odd-couple domestic arrangement work while Taylor is trying to get a handle on her nascent relationship with Ofe. David and Elizabeth continue to be uncomfortable with the reality of life as a separated couple, yet they can’t come …

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