TV Club: Finding Carter: “Shut Up And Drive”

Early this year, a San Diego woman named Kathy Rowe was sentenced to five years of probation and location monitoring after being found guilty of a plot to torment a husband and wife she didn’t know. The couple snapped up the house Rowe had decided was her dream home, so she waged a campaign of retaliation. She started out relatively innocently with prank magazine subscriptions and fake online listings claiming the house was still for sale. She gradually escalated to Craigslist casual sex ads designed to dupe a strange man into coming to the house to rape the homeowner as part of a consensual non-consent fantasy. Friends and neighbors described Rowe the way most people describe most other people, as a kind soul who doesn’t seem capable of acts so heinous.

Rowe’s story dovetails with many of Finding Carter‘s central themes. There’s the errant but …

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