TV Club: Finding Carter: “Shake It Off”

“Shake It Off” is a terrible fortune cookie disguised as a boring episode of Finding Carter. “Be careful what you wish for,” it says, “because you might get it.” Since the season began, I’ve been hoping the show would pull away from Lori and Crash and focus on the core characters, and “Shake It Off” does exactly that. The episode doesn’t contain a single mention of Crash, which is curious since Carter’s forbidden love hopped a bus out of town approximately five minutes ago and she appears to have worked through her emotions at record speed. Lori is mentioned, but only by way of letters she won’t stop sending Carter despite Carter’s refusal to reply to them. “Shake It Off” is exclusively about the Wilsons and their many domestic fault lines. And wow, is it ever dull.

Not only is the episode dull, it’s …

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