TV Club: Finding Carter: “Pretty When You Cry”

When a television show is in a downward spiral as swift and dramatic as the one Finding Carter has entered in its second season, it can take a while for the decline to become noticeable. Righting a wayward serialized drama requires a considerable effort and the process is frequently bumpy, but it’s absolutely doable between reversals, retcons, and abrupt character deaths. The season was off to a wobbly start, but it looked like the show could slough off its more troubling elements any minute. Not until “Pretty When You Cry” did it become undeniably evident that Finding Carter has fully committed to this weird, unfocused, dissatisfying direction. That’s a shame.

There’s a hollowness to Finding Carter‘s second season. It doesn’t have the emotional throughline the first season had, and there’s really nothing substantial to grab onto. The writers apparently think otherwise, which is why …

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