TV Club: Finding Carter: “Love The Way You Lie”

Finding Carter was a true delight in its first season, a show so surprisingly competent that much of its pleasure came from watching serious-minded television critics tap dance around the fact that they were engrossed by an original scripted drama on MTV. It was the rare drama that seemed to jell instantly, and it wasn’t by some magic or the benefit of lowered expectations. Showrunner Terri Minsky helped flesh out Emily Silver’s spec script about a kidnapped girl into a larger meditation on deception in family relationships and the exploration of the way lies can metastasize. It’s a story about finding out the relationships most vital to you are built on a fictitious foundation, a conceit that places a lot of pressure on its lead character. For that reason, Kathryn Prescott is at least half-responsible for the show’s success. Prescott’s performance is what kept the …

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