TV Club: Finding Carter: “I Knew You Were Trouble”

Just when it seemed Finding Carter was figuring out its path forward, here comes “I Knew You Were Trouble” to knock it right back to square one. “Riptide” nailed the balance the show has been struggling with all season long, but as it turns out, the episode was a chance alignment rather than the early stages of a late-season rally. What “Riptide” got right was its blend of historical elements and forward-looking ones. It’s an episode in which the past collides with the present in interesting ways, but doesn’t immobilize the show or bog it down with aimless mythology. But “Trouble” throws the story into reverse and backs right into Finding Carter‘s very worst tendencies.

As the early episodes of the season proved, a little bit of Lori goes a long way, and the character easily overpowers everything else in the show. That’s why Madison’s …

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