TV Club: Find someone who looks at you the way The Americans look at each other

Philip and Elizabeth Jennings didn’t have to fall in love. It wasn’t in the assignment. In fact, it’s arguable that the Centre would prefer if Philip and Elizabeth hadn’t fallen in love. Emotions can be a good cover, but Mikhail and Nadezhda both went through extensive training to separate feelings from their work. We see them relying on this training in “Lotus 1-2-3,” searching rooms and their minds for some form of distraction while they sleep with their marks in the Kansas honey trap. Philip finds it in a painful memory from youth, a flashback to famine in which his family dines on bread that looks like fist-sized lava rocks. Elizabeth has a harder time of it, because Gorp Guy is, shall we say, also GGG Guy, and he changes tactics just as Elizabeth has locked in on his dumb, dull hiking boots.

Considering the look …

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