TV Club: Feud explores how low people are willing to go to make it

The length of the Feud series enables us to see what life was like for these creative performers and artists as they strive to get from project to project. On a much smaller scale, i can relate. There will be an article I work on and slave over, and it’s highlighted on the site for a day or so, and then it disappears. Almost immediately, I need to get on to my next piece: It’s definitely like a high, and an impulse that I don’t seem to have much control over. Yes, it’s my job, but it becomes more than that: Whenever I’m not writing, no matter what else I’m doing, I always miss it.

But writers, like painters, or sculptors, have the advantage of being able to just do their work, whether or not anyone has actually hired them to do it. Actors …

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