TV Club: Feed The Beast keeps the plates spinning

“Secret Sauce” introduces so many new complications and shuffles through them at such a dizzying pace, they all become equally weightless and laughable. I don’t know how much of Feed The Beast‘s initial audience consisted of people interested in the restaurant business, but I have to imagine most of them have bailed by now. The show makes trying to open your own eatery look like death by a thousand cuts, both big and small. Solving one problem creates ten more, as if the writers panicked and dumped a season’s worth of plot points into one episode in hopes of generating excitement.

The hour certainly moves along swiftly enough, but whether all the sound and fury amounts to anything is a different matter. The first major complication was introduced at the end of last episode, when Aiden presented Tommy and Dion with their new head chef, Kevin Mahoney …

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