TV Club: Feed The Beast improves in its second outing, but flaws remain

The second episode of Feed The Beast improves on the pilot in several respects while retaining enough of its flaws to ensure it’s still a long way from appointment viewing. As is often the case with a show’s first post-pilot outing, “In The Name Of The Father” is a restatement of the premise that indulges in a little retroactive continuity. For the most part, it’s a more grounded, less frantic take on the material that still gets silly too often for its own good.

Tommy’s reluctance to get involved in the restaurant business with his father is kicked down a notch when he quits his job as wine rep, a gig that hasn’t been going so well for him lately anyway. Crime boss Woichik (who I’ll refrain from calling “the Tooth Fairy” unless absolutely necessary) gives Dion a 48-hour deadline to present a signed …

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