TV Club: Fear The Walking Dead: “The Dog”

I want to be deeply immersed in the world of Fear The Walking Dead; sometimes the show is making that easy, and sometimes it seems to be doing all it can to push me out. Let me start with the latter—the things in episode three that made me feel like I was watching humans behave in a way that makes no real-world sense, even if that “real” world is filled with dead people rising up and biting the living.

The most potent, patent ridiculousness in “The Dog” was the riot outside the barber shop, particularly once Travis and the gang got out into it. Now, I’ve never been in a riot before, but somehow I don’t think tattooed partiers straight out of The Matrix Reloaded, fire hoses, and zombie cops go together. And the idea of people just randomly running in groups toward nothing in particular doesn …

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