TV Club: Fear The Walking Dead stumbles while chasing its prodigal son in season finale

Whether or not it was a part of the plan from the beginning, Fear The Walking Dead needed this two-hour season finale. Each individual episode that makes up this long goodbye—“Wrath” and “North”—is stronger than last week’s (though that’s not saying very much), and they actually complement each other. “Wrath” leads into “North” organically, and without any leaps back or forward in time. (It’s almost as if they help make up a season of scripted drama or something.) So these two installments probably could have handled the weeklong break. But the pacing has been far too slow this season, especially in its back half, and FTWD just had too much time to make up. The reliance on flashbacks–including one whole episode that used them to tell a story that had just been told—squandered whatever momentum was gained after scattering everyone to the desert …

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