TV Club: Fear The Walking Dead: “So Close, Yet So Far”

Okay, that’s more like it. I could spend this review trying to re-edit “Pilot” and “So Close, Yet So Far” into one great episode, but let’s just give the pilot a mulligan and move on to episode two, which corrects—almost over-corrects, even—last week’s molasses-like introduction. (That episode, despite its faults, was the most-watched cable debut ever, beating AMC’s own Better Call Saul, so let’s assume more spinoffs are coming. Better Call The Walking Dead. Laverne And Shirley And The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead: TNG.)

The single most chilling scene for me didn’t actually have anything to do with the various zombie attacks, though I’ll get to those. For me, it was the cop stocking up his cruiser with water as Travis tries to navigate traffic. It tells us a lot of things, most importantly that the authorities know more than …

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