TV Club: Fear The Walking Dead returns with all the elegance of a stumbling zombie

Every season of Fear The Walking Dead and its progenitor The Walking Dead take place around a central local: a prison, a farm, a hotel. At first blush of Fear The Walking Dead‘s third season, it seems that the show is setting up a military base as the home/prison for our greatly diminished crew of Madison, Travis, Alicia, Nick, and Ofelia. All have been captured by brutes in military outfits, and while early establishing shots give the sense that there’s more activity going on than what we’re seeing, our characters only interact with a few young men who perform sadistic “experiments” on other sick and wounded people they have come dragged into their base, timing how long it takes them to turn to zombies with perverse glee. It’s an effective set-up and a good location, but the show isn’t interested in either.

The first …

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