TV Club: Fear The Walking Dead: “Not Fade Away”

It took three episodes of scene-setting and character establishing to get Fear The Walking Dead into the zombie-meat, but “Not Fade Away” finally struck a pretty solid balance of family drama and zombie horror, which may have had something to do with the fact that there weren’t many zombies involved.

It was an interesting choice to fast-forward a few days and set up this new phase of zombie-human relations: I liked that Travis almost immediately embraced the new normal, heading out jogging and getting cozy with Lt. Moyers. He trusts that the government has his family’s best interest at heart, at least for the moment. It’s easy to understand that kind of attitude in a horrible situation, because you want that burden taken from you. These people are here to help, so you let yourself believe. And if the problem doesn’t get too out of hand …

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