TV Club: Fear The Walking Dead highlights how awful white people are

Fear The Walking Dead‘s “cowboys vs. Indians” plotline has been fraught since it was introduced, because this isn’t a show that does nuance well. Unlike its predecessor, this spin-off is at its best when homing in on the Clark family and ignoring the larger “we’re the walking dead” human-on-human warring. The tighter the focus on Madison, Alicia, and Nick, and the relationships they build and things they do to survive, the stronger the plot tends to be. Fear The Walking Dead has had a tough time bringing in new characters, and even the ones who seem like they’ll be sticking around to form the sort of post-apocalyptic family-by-choice that thrives on The Walking Dead (Ofelia, Daniel, Victor, Lucia) are separated before they have a chance to really gel.

Pitting the Clarks against the world isn’t necessarily a bad way to tell this particular zombie story …

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