TV Club: Fear The Walking Dead does right by its characters, even the ones you may have forgotten about

Last week, it wasn’t clear if Victor was having a premonition when Daniel Salazar, his “guardian angel,” gave him water as he sat locked in a cell. This week is dedicated solely to what happened to Daniel since the fire, where everyone assumes he died. I can’t say I was burning with curiosity about what may have happened to him, but I do appreciate Fear The Walking Dead‘s dedication to keeping track of all its characters, even the ones who are in the periphery.

Unfortunately for these now-side characters, it’s difficult to care about them when the stakes are very low in their respective plots. Daniel’s and Victor’s separate storylines feel too far removed from the main plot, which is far more gripping than just seeing what Daniel’s been up to since surviving the fire. Until the final third of “100,” the sole …

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