TV Club: Fear The Walking Dead continues its march to darkness

The question that had interested/nagged me a bit over Fear The Walking Dead‘s first few episodes was answered tonight, in a couple of interesting, insightful ways: If we knew about the virus fairly early, and if it seemed at least semi-contained, how did things collapse to the point that we ended up at the post-apocalyptic regular series? The first, as we saw tonight, was that the military was actually overrun at times: Even with their superior weaponry and armor, sometimes the sheer force of numbers overwhelmed them. The second answer goes hand-in-hand with the first: These guys, for all their bluster, are as scared as everybody else. They want to find their families, they want to get somewhere safe and ride this thing out, or maybe just get a bunch of supplies and find a sturdy cave. This is not the type of war they’ve been trained …

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