TV Club: Fear The Walking Dead bites off more than it can chew as things heat up

There’s a lot going on in the competent if slow “Red Dirt.” A little more than a third through this season, Madison and company have settled into the new location to face off against threats internal and external, none of them zombies. Madison once more shows off her ruthlessness, with her and Troy’s fully blossomed relationship the most compelling one in the season. Together, it seems, they can rule the ranch, adapting a “we know what’s best” parental mentality shown through tough love. The Native American tribe introduced last episode encroaches on the ranch and families start to leave, including one of the “founders,” the original four of the preppers who made the ranch the compound it is.

Between the preppers, founders, libertarians, and Native Americans, there’s a lot to suggest a weirdly right-wing mindset emerging. It’s strange that, in a show taking place after …

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