TV Club: Fear The Walking Dead asks: What’s the point of Bukowski?

Fear The Walking Dead sacrificed a lot to get the Clarks to the Otto compound. The first two episodes were very clumsy, as the writers knew where the Clarks needed to go but seemed to have little interest in making their journey there meaningful or interesting. Now that the Clarks are at the ranch, they should stay put: The third episode of the series, which took place entirely in the Clarks’ new home, has been the highlight of the season so far, because it focused firmly on the by turns complementary and incompatible ways of these two families. So when last week’s episode lost steam by switching gears to Victor and Daniel, I went into this week hopeful for another “Teotwawki.”

“Burning In Water, Drowning In Flame,” though, promptly took Madison and Troy off the ranch to find the downed helicopter, and for the first time blended the Clarks …

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