TV Club: Farscape’s brilliant fourth season turns enemies into allies, lovers into strangers, and everything on its head

What’s that? A series canceled before it could complete its story, brought back for a hasty, overlong wrap-up because those involved just couldn’t leave well enough alone?

I could have sworn I’d heard of something like that before. Maybe I’m thinking of Firefly? Or perhaps Futurama? Definitely begins with an “F,” I’m pretty sure.

Yes friends, nearly three years since I reviewed “Dog With Two Bones,” Farscape reviews have returned. This is my final weekend at the A.V. Club, and I couldn’t stand to leave my greatest passion project from my time here forever unfinished. So, with the very generous indulgence of TV Club editor Erik Adams, we’re doing two last entries for Farscape. This one deals with the entire fourth season, which after this rewatch I might now consider my favorite of the show. It can’t quite match season one …

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