TV Club: Farscape finishes its story at any cost, even if it means cramming an entire season into three hours

“The Peacekeeper Wars (Part 1)” (originally aired October 17, 2004)

“This is not our fight.” “I agree. But as long as there’s a war on, everyone’s after me, because I’m the winner-take-all weapon guy.” “You know, every time we get involved…” “I know. People die.” “We out of options?” “This Eidelon education program…What are the odds it’ll work?” “Not good.” “Not good is the best odds we ever get.”

None of it is quite right. Pilot’s voice is all wrong, as the audio settings needed to properly process Lani Tupu’s voice were lost in the 18 months between “Bad Timing” and this miniseries. Melissa Jaffer had such a serious reaction to her makeup that Noranti had to be hastily written out of the miniseries, her brief appearances after the initial section of the story performed by a stand-in. Chiana’s new eyes, a …

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