TV Club: Fargo goes out like it came in, except when it doesn’t

A palindrome is a phrase that reads the same forwards and backwards: “Madam I’m Adam,” or something like that. Fargo‘s second season does not read the same forwards and backwards, because I’m not even sure that’s a thing a TV show could do, leastways across ten whole episodes. It would have be frustratingly literal, for one thing. And it would provide a sort of pointless closure that doesn’t make for great narrative—no ambiguity, no change, just everyone stuck in the same limbo where they began, whether they realize or not.

There has been considerable change over these past few weeks, and the final episode finds everyone, if not in a definitive place, at least in one that makes sense for them as an ending. Ed dies, Hanzee gets a new face and a new identity; Peggy heads off to jail; Mike finds out that …

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