TV Club: F Is For Family knows that all family debts come due sometime

“Okay, that wasn’t us at our best,” concedes Frank Murphy after a frustratingly abortive session of morning sex with wife Sue. It really wasn’t, what with Frank wanting to leave his socks on then scraping Sue with his unkempt toenails when he takes them off, an errant knee in the nuts, and some especially untimely farting. Middle-aged parents of three though they are, Sue and Frank are still hot for each other, after a fashion, their unplanned-pregnancy-stunted young adulthood still emerging in respectably horny friskiness, whenever the kids are otherwise distracted and the family dog isn’t barfing in the background. Here, the couple wakes up still in a fight, Frank wheedlingly but peevishly apologizing for stealing Sue’s money. (Note to Frank, an attempt at burying the hatchet with a spouse shouldn’t start with “As I mentioned, many times yesterday…”)

The Murphys have problems other than …

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