TV Club: Ezra faces Maul and so much more on a taut, tense Star Wars Rebels

The big secret that the holocrons revealed to Maul and Ezra back in “The Holocrons Of Fate” is that the way to stopping the Sith lie on a planet with two moons, and in the name of one Obi-Wan Kenobi. This is the most anti-climactic plot reveal in all the galaxy. Perhaps it was silly of me to assume Star Wars Rebels would let the holocrons’ secret be something more personal or specific to this show itself–something that would allow this third season to tell its own long-term story in its own way. We know that whatever path this show take concerning this specific truth can not, and will not, interfere with everything we already know about Star Wars. Maybe Rebels will approach the endgame of this arc with something truly unique or adventurous, but it still won’t matter in the long run because everyone already knows the …

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